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A black muzzled Rhodesian Ridgeback cross, Ebbey the canine actor looks over snowy mountain scenery.

Biography of Ebbey the Canine Actor

Filming Ebbey The Canine Actor: Best Thing that Happened

Search Dog's Raven Silver and blue stylized Dog Logo Ebbey plays a search dog in the new film SEARCH DOG'S RAVEN: the Eerie Story of a Wilderness Search Dog Team.
A black muzzled Rhodesian Ridgeback cross, Ebbey the canine actor looks over snowy mountain scenery. < Ebbey burns off energy >

Shooting a film can be very expensive and every wasted hour can cost thousands of dollars. Using inexperienced actors, including an untrained canine, can increase those costs. Ironically, Ebbey turned out to be one great tracking dog and filming her was the best thing that could have happened.

A lot of attention was on Ebbey the Search Dog and working out in the snow everyday tired her out. Which in turn, broke her itch and chew cycle

Ebbey's naughty behavior continued, but once she started sleeping through the night, it became more tolerable. Mostly because then her owner Allex Michael was also able to sleep.

She still tries to eat any newly discovered object - live, dead or manmade. She's not above rummaging through garbage and can dig a six inch deep hole in under ten seconds. Any moment, she could pull you off your feet and drag you through snow, mud or cow poop while chasing prey. Even if you're carrying expensive camera equipment. When bored, she whines and paces and often talks back or growls when frustrated. Yet, despite all this, our relationship turned a corner by the sixth month. Ebbey as an Actor

Ebbey as an Actor

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Search Dog's Raven Poster
Playing the search dog, Ebbey has a leading role in the eerie action thriller Search Dog's Raven. Her character is paramount, because the key to unlocking the film's unique twist turns out to be the 'Search Dog's...Raven.

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