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Ebbey the Canine Actor: Ebbey Photos About Allergies

Search Dog's Raven Silver and blue stylized Dog Logo Ebbey plays a search dog in the new film SEARCH DOG'S RAVEN: the Eerie Story of a Wilderness Search Dog Team.
Ebbey's Current Food List UPDATE

A black muzzled Rhodesian Ridgeback cross, Ebbey the canine actor looks up over her shoulder at a bird of prey in a field with red and yellow autumn leaves.

Allex Michael: June 2009: For some unknown reason, Ebbey has now developed allergies to most of the food listed below. I changed to a higher grade of beef in December 2008, which unbeknownst to me, was fed alfalfa and grasses. Ebbey is allergic to grass and severely allergic to alfalfa sprouts. Around the same time, I used a vet prescribed antibiotic ointment on some scratches on Ebbey's stomach which triggered a very bad allergic reaction. Her entire stomach skin turned black and developed oozing scabs. This took over a month to completely heal, though the black skin still comes and goes from faded streaks to solid black like a mood ring. The vets are stumped as usual, and want to give her shots, pills and ointments. Historically, none of these strategies have worked for Ebbey, so once again I am forging out on my own.

As Ebbey is now moderately to severely allergic to everything, I am trying a rotating homemade diet. Avoiding foods like octopus, raw llama and quinoa, which cause severe allergic reactions, I try to feed Ebbey different meats and foods for 4 to 6 meals in a row. I am also trying to feed raw again as much as possible. Ebbey has become sick twice from eating raw, symptoms including week long lethargy and severe diarrhea, but I am more careful where I buy the human grade meat and now add one drop of oregano oil with each meal to hopefully counteract any bad bacteria. Raw food definitely increases her healing time and health which is already compromised due to the allergies.

A black muzzled Rhodesian Ridgeback cross, close up in grass.

So yesterday's meals included:
raw bison, bartlett pear, hemp oil
canned sardines, cornmeal and blueberries
raw lamb, raw broccoli, garlic

Then Today:
ground hemp seeds, hemp oil, beef liver broth, raw kale, raw butternut squash
raw beef, cooked yam
cooked turkey, cooked eggplant, garlic

Then Tomorrow:
raw bison, blueberries
raw lamb, brown rice, mango
cooked pork, raw broccoli, garlic

Ebbey also gets an ounce or two of cooked beef liver daily as treats.

Several other owners have experienced stomach skin turning black on their allergic dogs, and this condition seems to develop after a year or more of chronic allergies.

With her increased allergies, Ebbey's hyperactivity has become more uncontrollable. When I give her too many moderate allergy foods in a row, she develops weepy hives on her stomach and inner thighs which scab over and can cause hair loss. By dabbing those with a bit of oregano oil, they usually clear them up in a couple days before the itching and scratching cycle sets in. Ebbey has become a real trooper when it comes to not scratching with her talon like feet, at least when I am in the room. I also never leave her alone, with either myself or a babysitter watching her constantly, and have become good at waking up and stopping her from scratching. It is easier and quicker than repairing the more extensive damage afterwards.

UPDATED ABOVE: Ebbey's Homemade Food List Before December 2008
  1) Beef
  2) Beef Liver
  3) Brown Rice
  4) Millet (twice weekly
  5) Elk (twice weekly
  6) Bison (2 tbsp: raw daily + 2 cooked meals weekly
  7) Turkey (1 tbsp: 3 times weekly + Full meal on holidays
  8) Sardines (1 tbsp: 1 to 3 times weekly
  9) Salmon (1 tbsp: max no more than 3 times weekly
10) Pumpkin raw canned(1 to 2 tbsp weekly
11) Broccoli (2 to 3 minced raw tbsps daily
12) Jicana (Mexican potato raw 1 tbsp: 3 times weekly
13) Beef Colostrum (half tsp daily
14) Garlic (1 large raw minced clove daily
15) Blueberries (3 tbsp: raw 1 to 3 times weekly
16) Pear Bartlett (4 tbsp: raw 1 to 3 times weekly
17) Olive Oil (1 tbsp: 1 to 3 times weekly
18) Mango (3 tbsp: raw 1 to 3 times weekly
19) Cauliflower (2 raw minced tbsp: 2 to 5 times weekly
20) Raw Mushrooms (1 tbsp: 1 to 3 times weekly
21) Popcorn with butter (1/2 cup: 1 to 2 times weekly
22) Butter (1/4 tbsp: 1 to 3 times weekly
23) Yogurt (2 tsp's weekly
24) Rawhides (a half a tiny stick 2 to 4 per day as a treat

All other foods she seems to be allergic to, like highly allergic to chicken, chicken liver and eggs.

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Playing the search dog, Ebbey has a leading role in the eerie action thriller Search Dog's Raven. Her character is paramount, because the key to unlocking the film's unique twist turns out to be the 'Search Dog's...Raven.

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